In the News June 26, 2021

RISMedia: The Power of Culture

John Tomlin
CEO, Tomlin St Cyr Real Estate ERA Powered 
Tampa Bay Area, Florida

We have been in the Tampa business community since 1984, and our name in Tampa is important. We are not willing to make that secondary. And with ERA, we didn’t have to. The Powered strategy is brilliant: you get the benefits of a brand affiliation—technology, marketing, learning, business planning, and high-touch service—but keep your local brand. I can grow in and around Tampa and share my insights with other people across the country.

ERA reminds us how important culture fit is when recruiting. We are open and sharing; if you bring someone in who is not open to sharing, they won’t fit well. We are recruiting with more of a longer-term perspective, making deposits into our credibility account, and focusing on relationships.

Every person I recruit, I tell them that I am personally committed to making them successful. Within the business and the community, it’s the same principle: helping people, whether it’s the next generation or those looking for a second act.