Agents January 23, 2024

Agent Spotlight: REALTOR® Thao Bui

REALTOR® Thao Bui, a dynamic force in the real estate industry, has a journey that traverses continents and industries, shaping her into the accomplished real estate agent she is today. Born in Vietnam, Thao embarked on a life-changing adventure when she moved to New York as an international student. Her path led her to Tampa 14 years ago, where she not only found a home but also discovered her passion for real estate.


With a diverse background in retail, network marketing, and customer service, Thao, alongside her husband, Linh Ngo, ventured into building a mortgage brokerage three years ago. Today, their thriving business boasts a team of 10 dedicated professionals.


Thao’s transition from the mortgage side to real estate unveiled a natural talent for negotiation and a wealth of experience in customer service. “Real estate is more than just a dwelling for rest and happiness; it’s a dynamic platform for investment and building long-term prosperity,” she said. Thao is committed to leveraging these opportunities for the benefit and future of her clients.


Determined, visionary, empathetic, strategic thinker, and resilient—these qualities define Thao’s approach to her work. Her skill set encompasses networking and relationship building, sales and negotiation, effective communication, and financial acumen. Her multifaceted background equips her to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with finesse.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Thao is deeply involved in social initiatives. Her businesses actively contribute to B1G1, making local contributions with a global impact. She is also engaged with the local Vietnamese Catholic community, reflecting her commitment to community service. In her leisure time, Thao finds joy in Korean dramas and is a member of the Freedom Boat Club.


Family holds a special place in Thao’s heart. She and her husband have two boys, Minh-An and Thua An. This balance of professional success, community engagement, and family commitment exemplifies Thao Bui’s holistic approach to life and business.


For those seeking a Realtor who combines passion, expertise, and a commitment to community, Thao stands out as a dedicated professional ready to guide clients toward their real estate goals. With Thao, it’s not just about finding a home; it’s about creating opportunities for investment and long-term prosperity.


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