Agents March 20, 2023

Agent Spotlight: Manuela Redaelli

Manuela Redaelli was born and raised in Italy. There she received a college degree in architecture, a master’s degree in Environmental Management Systems, and a post-university course in community local action and sustainable urban development. Manuela is also a certified Fitwel Ambassador as a healthy building strategist and a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals.


Manuela is an architect entrepreneur and sustainability strategist for healthy buildings, healthy communities, and healthy corporations. For 20+ years, she worked exclusively in the architectural field, from micro to macro scale – from interior design to urban master planning and residential to commercial areas. She also won awards in international architectural competitions.


After moving to the US six years ago, Manuela started to apply the sustainable approach in other fields besides architecture. She launched the new conscious concept GEMYS (Get Experience, Master Your System), working to create a connection between architecture, food, and wellness for a better living for residential and commercial complexes. The GEMYS food concept earned the 2019 Miami Beach Award Program nod for exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.


“Since I’m an architect, I’m used to understanding people’s dreams and needs,” Manuela said. “And I’m very familiar with the product we are helping people sell or buy – houses, buildings, and complexes. I’m also very familiar with the construction process and its economic impact on the environment.”


Manuela is deeply passionate about providing high-quality service with empathy. She describes herself as very enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and striving to have new experiences. Why did Manuela choose a career in real estate? “The real estate sector is the engine of the economy,” she said. One of Manuela’s favorite parts of her job is following people and businesses throughout the lifecycle of a real estate transaction. She defines her value proposition as a cross-disciplinary knowledge approach with a big vision to reach a sustainable transaction and long-term satisfaction for all parties involved.


In 2016, Manuela started visiting Tampa Bay for leisure. She moved here definitively from Miami Beach in October 2022 for the incredible combination between urban lifestyle and vacation opportunities. Manuela and her husband of over 20 years are dog lovers with multiple wire hair dachshunds. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and supporting communities through various associations in her free time. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Tampa and a fellow of the “Save the Soil” movement.


Contact Manuela Redaelli to learn more about buying, selling, or investing in a property.