Agents December 14, 2023

Agent Spotlight: REALTOR® Filip Cerovic

Lights, camera, action! REALTOR® Filip Cerovic brings 14 years of media production experience to the real estate industry. Spanning six countries on three continents, Filip worked in film, television, and commercial productions. Now, Filip says, “I get to implement my communication, negotiation, and marketing skills to serve clients in one of the most important financial transactions of their lives.” He jokes, “I also get to wear my suits every day!”


Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Filip earned his BA at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, one of the most prestigious film schools in the region. Filip has lived in Tampa for the past six years and has an exceptionally successful track record in the media industry, working on a Suncoast Emmy Award-winning production in 2018 and earning an Emmy nomination for the Best Sports Promo (Go Bucs!) in 2022.


Drawing upon his experience catering to high-profile clients (The Royal Family of The Kingdom of Bahrain, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities of all caliber) with uncompromising standards, he has translated top-tier customer service into every aspect of his real estate ventures. His approach involves meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to personalized client interactions, and an innate understanding of his diverse clientele’s needs and preferences. By infusing his real estate practice with the same dedication to excellence that defined his work in the entertainment industry, he not only sets a new standard for customer service but also establishes a reputation as a trusted and esteemed real estate professional.


Known for his tenacity, kindness, and perfectionism, Filip is a dedicated and highly educated REALTOR® with a passion for providing bespoke experiences to his clients. His extensive knowledge of neighborhoods, property values, and negotiation skills make him a trusted ally in any real estate transaction.


When Filip is not working with real estate clients, he supports many artistic endeavors and initiatives around Tampa Bay. He is a Gasparilla Festival of the Arts Emerging Artist Committee member and dedicates his time to programming and playing movies at Screen Door: An Ybor City Microcinema. Filip enjoys traveling, movies, and book clubs and is a perpetual student. He’s also a home Chef and makes killer cocktails.


Filip’s client-centric philosophy ensures that each real estate transaction is an immersive and personalized experience. By leveraging his exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and deep understanding of client needs, he creates a seamless and luxurious journey for those navigating the real estate market.


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