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Agent Spotlight: REALTOR® Daniel Louis

REALTOR® Daniel Louis is deeply rooted in the Tampa community. Born and raised in Tampa, he was part of the first wave of babies born at the then-new St Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. This deep connection to the community has given him an expert inside look at Tampa’s most desirable locations.


“I have watched Tampa evolve and grow over the years, which has given me an intimate knowledge of some of Tampa’s most desirable locations,” Daniel said. “I use that expertise to help you find the perfect home or a buyer for your home or property,”


With over 30 years in Tampa, Daniel has lived in various vibrant neighborhoods, including the South Tampa Westshore area, Davis Islands, and his current home in Seminole Heights. His educational journey began at Berkeley Preparatory School and H.B. Plant High School. Daniel then attended Hillsborough Community College, Manatee College, and Santa Fe College, focusing on Religious Anthropology and Jazz Improv. His pursuit of knowledge continued at Erwin Technical College, where he attended nursing school.


Daniel’s professional background is diverse, showcasing a strong commitment to helping others. His early career in the health industry saw him working in geriatric Alzheimer’s facilities during his nursing school clinical rotations, as well as in vitamin and supplement stores. In 2015, he transitioned to a career in personal training, a passion he continues to this day. From 2019 to 2021, Daniel also made his mark in the medical cannabis industry as an operations manager and training facilitator for new employees. This diverse background equips him with a unique set of skills and perspectives in the real estate industry.


Driven by a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact, Daniel has found his true calling in residential real estate. His passion for helping people and improving their lives is the driving force behind his work. He firmly believes that a person’s living environment plays a pivotal role in their life, and he is dedicated to helping individuals and families find their ideal place.


His compassionate nature and outgoing personality are evident in his approach to real estate. “What I love about real estate is the interpersonal connections we make in the process, helping people find their dream home and start the next great chapter of their lives,” Daniel said. This genuine passion for his work ensures that every client feels understood and valued.


Daniel’s experience as a personal trainer has honed his ability to connect with clients and understand their unique needs. “Working as a personal trainer for so many years, I have learned that connecting with someone is the best way to help them achieve their goals. In just the same way that I can come to understand someone to help them achieve their physical goals, I can understand and help them find exactly what they are looking for in a home.”


Active in the community, Daniel is a proud member of the Human Rights Campaign and the founder of the Manchester United Supporters of Tampa, an internationally recognized organization supporting Manchester United fans in the Southeast. In his free time, Daniel enjoys running, working out, watching football (soccer), playing board games with friends, and competitive miniature painting, where he earned 2nd place at CMON Expo 2020.


Daniel and his partner of over 10 years, Clair, share a home with their three indoor cats and one outdoor cat. Clair is a talented painter and entertainer in Tampa, whom Daniel describes as “the light of my life and pushes me to be better every day.” His parents are both retired and live in Michigan now. When his parents still lived in Tampa, his mother managed the famous linen shop, Villa Rosa. His father worked as a neurosurgeon and was, for a time, the president of the Hillsborough County Medical Association and an alternate Florida delegate to the American Medical Association. Daniel is the youngest of three, with his eldest sister working as the Global Head of Entertainment for Meta, and his middle brother is a gastroenterologist living in Virginia.


Daniel combines his extensive local knowledge, diverse professional background, and genuine passion for helping others to provide exceptional service in the Tampa real estate market. Click here to work with REALTOR® Daniel Louis.