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Top 10 Features of Luxury Homes

Luxury homes aren’t just ordinary homes with fancy decorations and expensive throw pillows. From the ground up, there’s a unique difference that makes a luxury home stand out, and it’s a difference that people are willing to pay a premium to own. So, what makes these homes so sought after?  

Quality Construction

High-end homes begin in the building stage. A quality foundation and reliable builder can be the difference between a home that remains unproblematic for five years or 15 years. Trust in the builder also gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that corners weren’t cut in the construction process and that they are protected when it comes to leaks, cracks, and even keeping unwanted critters from finding their way into the home. Plus, the architecture will include thoughtful designs for ease of functionality and luxe living.  


Simple and clutter-free spaces look cleaner and more upscale than their overly busy counterparts. Color schemes tend to consist of only a few shades and stay consistent throughout common areas. This helps create cohesiveness and a natural flow throughout the rooms of the home. With high-end, top-quality fundamentals, you’ll be able to keep things simple.  


Keeping a clean color palette allows room to decorate with pieces of artwork. Abstract brushwork on canvases hanging on the walls is an elegant touch often seen in luxury homes. It’s a sign that the homeowner knows what they’re doing or has hired someone who does. Adding personality to a home with art is the cherry on top.  

Designer Furniture

Some home decor designers have very recognizable products with specific characteristics. For example, Ethan Allan’s hallmark hand-woven rugs can be spotted as soon as a guest enters the home, and quality furniture does not go unnoticed. It is the difference between a piece that just looks good versus one that is practical, comfortable, and looks good all at the same time.  


Newer designs are great but finding a piece from a different time adds dimension and gives a room a whole new feel. It’s almost as if the piece has a story to tell, and when people see it, they can’t help but come up with a whole history of how it ended up in that particular space.  

Attention to Lighting

Bright and open spaces go a long way in making a home feel luxurious. Natural lighting is often utilized, whether that be through a skylight, glass doors, or a stunning picture window. However, when natural light is not possible, there is also no shortage of artificial lighting. Many homeowners opt for lighting with dimmer switches, which allows them to set the mood and adjust the amount of light. If lighting is installed strategically, it can help to draw guests’ eyes to certain pieces of artwork or furniture that homeowners want to have on display.  


Plants create a calm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who enters the home. Having live plants in the home can also help it to feel fresh and fluid, making the room feel alive. Plus, they add beautiful and interesting texture to a home. As a bonus, house plants often act as air purifiers and naturally clean the home’s air.  

Finishes and Details

Luxury homeowners and their designers take time to carefully pick out small details like drawer pulls, doorknobs, switch plates, and crown molding. Add in high-end appliances to complete the luxe look. By choosing items like this with care, the home appears complete and the designs intentional.  


Window treatments are another indicator of a higher-end home. Custom window treatments can run anywhere between $500-$3,000 per window, depending on the fabric, designer, and window length, making them rare in everyday households. Drapery is the perfect element to frame the stunning views in luxury homes.

Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

In Florida, outdoor entertaining areas are a must if hosting is a routine activity. Having a space where guests can enjoy a dip in the pool as well as a great meal is the best of both worlds. It also means enjoying the outdoors, even on the days when the sun is beating down. Contact one of our local luxury experts to learn more about finding your perfect home!