Buyers What is Tax Portability? Are you planning to sell your current home and buy a new one in the same state? If yes, it’s important to consider your “tax portability” options. Tax portability is a unique benefit provided by the State of Florida that can help you save a considerable amount of money on your property taxes. What is […]
Buyers 5 New Luxury Home Trends Many significant changes in luxury home design have emerged in the last several years. One of the biggest floor plan changes is the need for not one but two home offices! Now, as things settle into a more normal state, we see homeowners entertaining more and valuing connections and convenience. Here are the top five […]
Buyers Tomlin St Cyr’s Luxury Collection Is Here! Tomlin St Cyr’s new Luxury Collection is here to showcase Tampa Bay’s most desired and refined properties! The focus of the Luxury Collection is to deliver a tailored experience to those looking for high-end homes with features such as waterfront locations, exclusive access to country clubs, private, gated neighborhoods, and even acreages.   Tampa Bay […]
Buyers Luxury Home Design Trends of 2022 With supply chain issues plaguing the past two years, 2022 saw a revival of sophisticated luxury home décor. From major renovations to small home updates, home designers and consumers have been able to finish home improvement projects. Here are some of the top trends in luxury home design trends of 2022:   1. Wallpaper Yes, […]
Buyers 10 Steps to Designing & Building Your Custom Dream Home Custom homes are a big investment – financially, emotionally, and timewise. From getting started to avoiding pitfalls, Tomlin St Cyr is familiar with the designing and building process. Our goal is to help you through the entire process to ensure your goals are met. Our tips below will help you to be prepared for designing […]
Buyers Top 10 Features of Luxury Homes Luxury homes aren’t just ordinary homes with fancy decorations and expensive throw pillows. From the ground up, there’s a unique difference that makes a luxury home stand out, and it’s a difference that people are willing to pay a premium to own. So, what makes these homes so sought after?   Quality Construction High-end homes […]
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